Rollout Rotating Pallet Rack

Our Part No: Rollout Rotating Pallet Rack

Allows you to rotate a pallet in pallet racking without using a forklift.

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The Rotolift Rollout Rotating Pallet Rack Attachment is a patented pallet handling system designed to improve worker safety and efficiency within your warehouse racking. This innovative solution eliminates the need for reaching, climbing, or bending to access products stored on pallets.

Effortless Access with 360° Rotation:

The Rotolift Rollout Rotating Pallet Rack Attachment is fixed to the pallet racking. It allows a store person to extend the pallet outward from your existing shelving rack, then rotate the pallet by hand and push it back into the racking. The key feature is a flat-top turntable that boasts a complete 360° rotation. It allows workers to effortlessly access products on the entire pallet, simply by rotating the platform. This eliminates the risk of musculoskeletal injuries caused by overreaching or climbing to retrieve stock located deep within the racking. The worker no longer has to wait for a forklift to come and rotate the pallet for them. They also don’t have the struggle of cartons getting stuck at the front of a carton flow system with the weight of all the other cartons behind it.

Safe and Secure Stock Handling:

The Rollout Rotating Pallet Rack Attachment prioritises safety during the picking process. The unit comes equipped with a convenient handle for easy extension of the platform. Additionally, the turntable includes a self-locking system. This allows operators to securely position the pallet for effortless loading or unloading of stock. Once complete, the pallet can be safely returned to its original position within the racking with minimal effort.


By incorporating the Rotolift Racking Roller Pallet System into your warehouse operation, you will experience significant improvements in:

  • Worker Safety: Reduced risk of injuries from overreaching, climbing, or bending.
  • Efficiency: Faster retrieval and restocking of palletized goods.
  • Ergonomics: Promotes a more comfortable and safe work environment for your team.
  • Number of Staff: There’s no waiting for a forklift to perform the pallet rotation, it’s all done by the person on the ground.

The Rotolift Rollout Rotating Pallet Rack System is a cost-effective solution that optimises your use of existing storage space while prioritising the well-being of your workforce.

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Dimensions: 1200 x 1200 x 180

Capacity: 2.0T

NOTE: The pallet rack beams need to be at least 140x50mm

They also need to be bolted to the upright. Confirmation of the suitability of your rack to support the Rack Roller System needs to be obtained from the rack supplier.

All hardware to fit the roller system to your pallet rack is included in the kit. When two slide shelves are fitted to the same beams only one can be pulled out at a time, due to a built interlock mechanism.


Rollout Rotating Pallet Rack Attachment