Rubber Maid Trolley

Our Part No: MHSRT5023-BLACK01

559W. 1524L. 1710H.

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Elevate Hotel Housekeeping with the Power of Rubber Maid Trolley by TRUST:

Maintaining pristine hotel rooms requires an efficient system, and that’s where a Rubber Maid Trolley steps in. These complete housekeeping solutions empower your staff to tackle every room with speed and finesse, maximising guest satisfaction and boosting your bottom line.

Built to Last, Built to Move:

Crafted from durable, moulded plastic, Rubbermaid Trolleys withstand rigorous daily use and clean effortlessly. Large, 200mm wheels glide effortlessly across various floor types, ensuring smooth manoeuvring in busy hallways. Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip and easy steering, reducing fatigue for your housekeeping staff.

Unmatched Storage and Optimised Design:

The full-size cabinet offers ample space for all your cleaning essentials, from linens and towels to cleaning supplies. The adjustable middle shelf allows for customised organisation, keeping frequently used items within easy reach. This optimised design minimises clutter and maximises efficiency, allowing your staff to work smarter, not harder.

Protecting Your Assets and Enhancing Efficiency:

Protective bumpers safeguard walls and equipment from accidental bumps, minimising maintenance costs and protecting valuable hotel property. Additionally, the trolley’s compact size allows for easy navigation through narrow corridors, ensuring swift cleaning even in challenging layouts.

Invest in Efficiency, Invest in a Rubber Maid Trolley by TRUST:

Rubber Maid Trolley is more than just cleaning equipment; it’s an investment in enhanced productivity and guest satisfaction. Equipping your housekeeping staff with these durable, ergonomic, and efficient carts will enable them to deliver impeccable cleaning standards with greater speed and ease. This translates to faster turnaround times, reduced labour costs, and ultimately, happier guests who appreciate the seamless cleanliness of their rooms.

Ready to revolutionise your housekeeping operations? Contact us today to learn more about how a Rubber Maid Trolley by TRUST can elevate your hotel’s cleaning standards and empower your staff for optimal efficiency. Don’t wait – invest in TRUST and experience the difference!

Dimensions: 1524 x 559 x 1710

RT502301 – Rubber Maid Trolley

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