Vacuworx PHD Lifter


$6,270.00 Ex GST

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The Vacuworx PHD series of vacuum lifters is a self-powered lifting system that is perfect for handling heavy and unwieldy loads. The unit is equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries that provide enough power for an entire day of work, and recharging is as simple as plugging the unit into a power source. One of the key features of the PHD series is its remote control operation. The operator can stay in a safe location while engaging and disengaging the lifter, and the unit can be placed anywhere for maximum flexibility. This makes it a great option for tasks that require a high level of precision and accuracy. The Vacuworx PHD series is also designed to be versatile, with several different vacuum pad options available to suit the shape and weight of the product being moved. The various pad lifting capacities are 287kg, 542kg, 709kg and 1134kg. This makes it a great option for a wide range of applications, including lifting concrete, steel, and almost any product with a reasonably smooth surface. The Vacuworx PHD series can be hooked onto any excavator, skid steer, digger or the manual trolley can be purchased as an extra item. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with the Australian Standards AS4991-Lifting Devices, ensuring its quality and safety, and making it a reliable and efficient lifting device for any job. Contact us for more details.

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