Waiting Room Chairs

Our Part No: MHSCPH20605001

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Forget the flimsy, posture-punishing plastic purgatory that defines most waiting room chairs. The Orthopaedic Day Chair rewrites the rules of patient and visitor seating, delivering uncompromising comfort, adjustability, and support from the moment you settle in.

Say goodbye to slouching and backaches: This premium chair boasts a contoured high backrest that cradles your spine, promoting optimal posture even during extended waits. Softly padded armrests and upholstery add an extra layer of plush comfort, ensuring every minute spent in this sanctuary is a pleasure, not a pain.

Effortless upkeep, maximum hygiene: Worrying about messy spills or lingering germs is a thing of the past. The easy-to-clean vinyl surfaces wipe clean in a flash, maintaining a pristine look and feel day after day.

Adaptability meets sturdiness: Find your perfect position with the convenient push-button height adjustment, effortlessly tailoring the chair to your needs. The robust powder-coated steel frame can handle weights of up to 160kg, offering unwavering support without sacrificing portability.

Stability matters: Non-slip leg tips keep the chair grounded, providing confidence and ease of movement when sitting or transferring.

Style doesn’t get left behind: Choose from sleek Slate or Champagne Vinyl options, adding a touch of sophistication to your waiting room décor.

These Orthopaedic Waiting Room Chairs aren’t just furniture; they’re an investment in patient and visitor well-being. Upgrade your waiting space from an endurance test to a haven of comfort and care. Experience the difference, one perfectly supported back at a time. 

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