Wheelie Bin Lifter

Our Part No: MHSSIMPLUS15001

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A wheelie bin lifter or tipper with a lift capacity of 150kg. It’s a 12V powered machine designed to make the task of lifting and tipping wheelie bins much easier and safer. This tool can handle wheelie bins ranging in size from 80L to 240L, making it versatile and suitable for a range of different applications. The tool is powered by a 12V battery and comes with an onboard charger, allowing for convenient and easy charging. The machine operates by pressing a button, making it easy to use and reducing the effort required to lift and tip the bin. With the ability to lift up to 150kg, this tool can handle heavy loads with ease. Being designed and manufactured in Australia, it is designed to meet the specific needs of the local market and is built to last. Having a wheelie bin lifter will help improve efficiency and make the task of handling wheelie bins easier and safer for the staff, reducing the possibility of an injury. Contact us for more details.

Lifting Capacity 150kg