Workshop Vacuum Cleaner

Our Part No: MHSDLV180EX/RPO

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A workshop vacuum cleaner helps to maintain a clean and safe workplace or factory environment. To effectively address the challenges of cleaning large spaces and hazardous locations, a unique piece of equipment has emerged — a standard 205L steel drum converted into a powerful vacuum cleaner. This innovative Australian made solution not only harnesses the power of the workshop’s compressed air system but also boasts ATEX and UKCA certification for safe operation in hazardous environments. With its impressive airflow of 180 cubic feet per minute and a reverse filter cleaning function, this workshop vacuum cleaner is a game-changer in industrial workshops of all kinds. The converted 205L steel drum vacuum cleaner utilises the existing compressed air system present in workshops and factories. By tapping into this powerful resource, the unit provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for cleaning large areas. The compressed air powers the vacuum, creating a robust suction force capable of handling a wide range of debris, dust, metal swarf and all types of particles. Safety is of paramount importance in hazardous environments, where the risk of flammable substances or explosive dust is present. This vacuum system is designed with safety in mind, boasting both ATEX and UKCA certifications. These certifications ensure that the unit meets rigorous safety standards and can be safely operated in hazardous locations. One of the standout features of this vacuum system is its remarkable airflow rate of 180 cubic feet per minute. This high-performance capability ensures that cleaning operations are completed swiftly and efficiently, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity. Whether you are dealing with large amounts of debris, heavy-duty particles, or fine dust, this vacuum can handle it all with ease. Cleaning and maintaining the vacuum cleaner’s filter is crucial for its continued performance and longevity. To address this, the user can reverse the airflow to clean the filter, dislodging trapped particles and debris. By extending the filter’s lifespan, this innovative function reduces filter replacement requirements and ensures optimal suction power throughout the filters lifespan. Other models are also available in this range.