Stone Lifter: A Safe and Efficient Way to Handle Heavy Slabs

Schmalz Jumbo Flex vacuum lifter

Stone, with its timeless beauty and durability, remains a popular choice for countertops, flooring, and architectural elements. However, handling large or heavy stone slabs can be a daunting task, posing safety risks and potential damage to the material. This is where a stone lifter earns it’s keep..

What is a Stone Lifter?

A stone lifters utilises vacuum technology to securely grip and maneuver heavy stone slabs. Unlike traditional methods that rely on cumbersome straps or multiple workers, stone lifters provide a safe and efficient solution. There are two main types of stone lifters:

  • Vacuum Stone Lifters: These lifters employ a powerful vacuum to create a secure hold on the stone surface. This eliminates the risk of scratches or breakage during transportation or installation.
  • Clamp Stone Lifters: These lifters feature clamps that securely grip the edges of the stone slab. They are ideal for thicker or textured stones that may not be suitable for vacuum technology.

Benefits of Using Stone Lifters:

  • Enhanced Safety: Stone lifters eliminate the need for manual handling, reducing the risk of worker injuries from lifting heavy or awkward slabs.
  • Reduced Damage: The controlled lifting process minimizes the chance of the stone slabs slipping or breaking during transportation or installation.
  • Improved Efficiency: A single operator can effortlessly handle large stone slabs, streamlining the installation process and saving time.
  • Precise Maneuvering: Stone lifters offer excellent control for precise positioning of slabs, ensuring accurate placement during installation.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: By eliminating the need for multiple workers, stone lifters can significantly reduce labor costs associated with manual handling.

Applications of Stone Lifters:

Countertop installation

Flooring installation

Cladding and facade applications

Stone sculpture and monument placement

Landscaping projects

Choosing the Right Stone Lifter:

When selecting a stone lifter, consider the following factors:

  • Lifting Capacity: Choose a lifter that can handle the weight and size of the stone slabs you typically work with.
  • Stone Type: Select a lifter suitable for the specific type of stone (granite, marble, quartz, etc.) Some lifters may have limitations for textured or uneven surfaces.
  • Lifting Mechanism: Decide between a vacuum or clamp lifter based on your needs and the type of stone you handle.
  • Ease of Use: Opt for a lifter with user-friendly controls and ergonomic design for operator comfort.

Stone lifters are a valuable investment for businesses and individuals who work with heavy stone slabs. They promote safety, efficiency, and precision in stone handling operations, ultimately contributing to a successful project outcome. We have a large range of stone lifters available. Contact us and we will offer you helpful advice so you can narrow down the best lifter for your needs.