Custom Scissor Lift Trolley: Solving Problems at Height

At Materials Handling Solutions, we understand that even the most essential tasks can become challenges when dealing with unique working environments. This was certainly the case for one of our valued mining clients. Their annual maintenance of power substations required the removal of heavy cooling fans situated 2.4 meters above the ground. With limited space and a focus on safety, a standard solution just wouldn’t suffice.

The Challenge: Safe and Efficient Fan RemovalCooling Fans

Our client needed a way to safely and efficiently remove 150kg cooling fans for regular servicing. The restricted space within the substation meant a traditional lifting platform wouldn’t be feasible. Additionally, ensuring the stability of the lifting equipment at such a height was paramount.    
Customised Scissor Lift Trolley
Scissor Lift Trolley

The Solution: A Custom Scissor Lift Trolley

Our engineering team designed a custom scissor lift trolley specifically for this application. Due to lift height requirements (2.4m), the following extra safety features were added:
  • Three-Sided Lip: A raised lip was placed around three sides of the platform to prevent items from falling off. This is crucial, as dropped objects, even small ones, can cause serious injuries at such a distance.
  • Deployable Outriggers: For enhanced stability, the trolley incorporates outriggers that swing out when raised. With a base width of only 870mm, these outriggers ensure the platform remains stable when fully elevated.

An Australian-Made Solution for Remote Operations

This customised scissor lift trolley is a prime example of Australian made innovation tackling real-world challenges. By working closely with our clients, we developed targeted solutions that prioritise safety and efficiency, especially in remote locations where maintaining a consistent power supply is critical.  

Looking for a Lifting Solution? We Can Help.

If you have a unique lifting challenge in your workplace, contact Materials Handling Solutions today. Our team will work with you to find the right product or design a customised solution that meets your specific needs and ensures the safety of your workers. Custom Scissor Lift Trolley