Forklift Compactor

The Forklift Bin Compactor is specifically designed to offer a safe and effortless solution for compacting bulky waste products, including cardboard and plastic. The Forklift Bin Compactor revolutionises waste management by providing a reliable solution to reduce the volume of bulky waste materials. By utilising this innovative attachment, you can safely compact materials like cardboard and plastic without exerting physical effort or resorting to unsafe practices. Compatible with 660L wheelie bins and larger sizes, it offers versatility in handling waste of various quantities. The slip-on attachment and safety chain ensure a swift and secure connection to a forklift, enabling seamless operation. By compacting waste, the bin capacity is increased, resulting in fewer trips for waste removal and ultimately reducing associated costs. The Forklift Bin Compactor boasts an enamel paint finish, which enhances its longevity and durability in demanding work environments. Invest in the Forklift Bin Compactor to streamline waste management processes, enhance safety, and optimize operational efficiency. Say goodbye to manual waste compaction and hello to a more productive and cost-effective waste disposal solution.

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