Forklift Extensions

Enhance Forklift Versatility with Fork Extensions Fork extensions, also known as forklift slippers, are invaluable attachments that expand the reach of forklift prongs, enabling the lifting of longer materials with ease. These extensions effectively shift the center of gravity of the forklift, making them particularly suitable for use with higher-capacity forklifts and experienced operators. Attaching and removing fork extensions is a quick and straightforward process. They are securely held in place by a reliable pin mechanism, ensuring stability during lifting operations. With the flexibility to swiftly adapt to different handling needs, fork extensions enhance the versatility of your forklift fleet. Investing in fork extensions empowers your forklifts to handle longer and bulkier materials, expanding your operational capabilities. Whether you need to transport lengthy pipes, beams, or other elongated items, these attachments provide the necessary reach and stability. Contact us today to explore our range of fork extensions and discuss your unique handling requirements. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution to enhance the lifting capabilities of your forklifts. Increase productivity, efficiency, and safety with our reliable and versatile fork extensions.

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