Forklift Jibs

Forget costly cranes and limited lifting points. Our forklift jibs are your weapon of choice for conquering any material movement challenge. This unshakeable powerhouse instantly transforms your trusty forklift into a mobile lifting crane, ready to tackle even the most daunting loads.

Strength That Stuns, Weight That Flies:

Crafted from heavy-duty steel, the jib hook boasts flexibility and strength, effortlessly handling massive weights with confidence. But don’t let its might fool you – this marvel is surprisingly lightweight, meaning faster manoeuvring and easier attachment. You’ll be amazed at how effortlessly it turns your forklift into a lifting beast.

Instant Crane, Zero Hassle:

Say goodbye to time-consuming crane setups and hello to on-demand lifting power. The jib attaches in seconds via secure locking pins or a safety chain, instantly extending your forklift’s reach and capabilities. Need to move heavy machinery, bulky beams, or awkward crates? Not a problem. The forklift jib conquers it all with ease.

Safety Built In, Peace of Mind Guaranteed:

We don’t compromise on safety. The jib features a 360° swivel hook equipped with a heavy-duty latch, ensuring your loads stay put wherever they go. Focus on the task at hand, knowing your precious cargo is secure and protected. More Than Just a Hook: Expand Your Forklift’s Horizons: MHS is your one-stop shop for all things forklift attachments. We offer a vast arsenal of tools to empower your fleet, including:
  • High-reach and telescopic forklift jibs: Conquer even the largest obstacles with extended reach.
  • Grabbers and clamps: Securely handle awkward shapes and sizes with ease.
  • A range of specialised attachments: From pallet cages and fork tine extensions to work cages, we have the perfect solution for any task.
Don’t let limitations hold you back. Unlock your forklift’s full potential with the forklift jib and explore the endless possibilities of MHS attachments. Contact us today and transform your fleet into a powerhouse of productivity!

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