Fork Truck Jib (Cascade)


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When it comes to a fork truck jib, there is a wide selection of options available to suit various needs. With 18 standard sizes and capacities to choose from, customers can find the perfect fit for their specific requirements. Whether you prefer a flat, straight, raised, tilted, or extendable design, there is a fork truck jib to match your needs. To accommodate different types of fork trucks, there are also many tine pocket sizes available. This ensures compatibility and allows for seamless integration with a variety of equipment. Additionally, forklift jibs come equipped with a safety hook and shackle to enhance operational safety. Installing the fork truck jib is a straightforward process, as it is secured to the forklift tynes using pins or a safety chain. This ensures a secure connection, providing peace of mind during operations. Moreover, all forklift jibs are manufactured in compliance with Australian standards, meeting the necessary quality and safety requirements. Forklift jibs offer versatility and flexibility with a range of options to choose from. Their various designs and sizes, along with compatibility with different forklift types, make them adaptable for many applications. With safety features and adherence to Australian standards, customers can trust in the reliability and quality of these forklift jibs.

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