Hoisting Equipment

If your workshop,  warehouse or distribution centre deals with any work that includes lifting, moving and transporting items constantly, hoisting equipment is necessary.  Hoisting equipment comes in various types to suit the needs of different operations and can be manually operated or powered by electricity or air. When utilised, hoisting equipment can help increase productivity and safety and improve efficiency. Electric and air hoisting equipment uses a system of wire ropes or chains and gears to lift the load. Electric hoists would all be powered by an electric motor, whereas air hoists run on compressed air that is pumped into the equipment through an attached hose. Air hoists are typically more expensive than comparable electric hoists but offer a 100% duty cycle, which means they can be used almost nonstop. Electric hoists get hot with use and vary in the amount they can be used before they need to stop to cool down. At MHS, we carry a range of hoisting equipment, including robust industrial electric chains and air hoists from industry-leading brands. MHS offers air hoists in a range of configurations and models designed for various applications, including specific models for mining operations like the JDN Air Hoist and areas where space is restricted, including the Low Headroom Hoists & Trolleys.  We manufacture a selection of cranes for our hoists, including column-mounted or freestanding jib cranes and suspended hanging gantry cranes. Jib cranes are often permanent installations and useful for specific lifting requirements. Meanwhile, gantry cranes have a bridge and can move loads along a horizontal axis. All our hoisting equipment and cranes are rigorously tested to Australian standards. We also offer vacuum lifting solutions and custom builds for niche applications.   Not sure what you need? MHS has over 25 years of experience in providing the highest quality handling solutions to Western Australia. We’ll design and implement a system best suited to your unique business needs, saving you money and ensuring your employees are looked after. 

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