Drop Bottom Bins

The Drop Bottom Bin is a highly efficient and practical waste container specifically designed to streamline the storage, transfer, and disposal of waste materials. This innovative bin is equipped with a lever mechanism that allows for easy opening of the bottom to unload its contents. Once the waste is discharged, the bin automatically resets itself by simply lowering it to the ground. Available in three different sizes, the Drop Bottom Bin offers flexibility to accommodate various waste volumes. With capacities of 0.5 cubic meters, 0.8 cubic meters, and 1.1 cubic meters, there is an ideal option for every waste management need. The versatility of the Drop Bottom Bin extends to its handling capabilities. It can be effortlessly lifted and transported using either a crane or a forklift, providing convenience and adaptability in different operational environments. This ensures efficient waste management processes and reduces the time and effort required for waste disposal. Whether you are dealing with construction debris, industrial waste, or general refuse, the Drop Bottom Bin is designed to enhance productivity and simplify waste handling operations. Its user-friendly design, coupled with its reliable and robust construction, makes it a valuable asset in any waste management system. Investing in the Drop Bottom Bin means investing in a practical and effective solution for waste management. Say goodbye to labor-intensive and time-consuming waste disposal methods, and embrace the convenience and efficiency that this innovative bin brings to your operations.

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