Nally Bin

Nally Bin Storage Solutions for Diverse Needs Nally bins offer a versatile solution for a variety of storage requirements. These plastic storage containers come in several sizes and configurations to accommodate different needs. Enhanced Ventilation: Some Nally bins feature ventilation to promote air circulation within the container. This helps maintain the freshness and quality of stored contents, particularly relevant for perishable items. Additionally, vented bins allow for the efficient flow of cool air from refrigeration systems, further enhancing preservation. Solid Option for Liquids: For wet or liquid products, the solid Nally bin provides a secure containment solution. Height Options and Accessories: Nally bins are available in three height options, allowing you to select the bin best suited to your specific storage needs and space constraints. Lids and tipping bars are also available for all Nally bin models. The tipping bar facilitates secure attachment to forklift tines during the emptying process, promoting safe and efficient handling. With their diverse features and functionalities, Nally bins offer a reliable and practical storage solution for various applications.

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