Order Picking Trolley

Conquer Picking & Stock Replenishment with MHS Order Picking Trolley Range

Say goodbye to manual handling woes and hello to streamlined efficiency with MHS’s robust order-picking trolley range.  We equip businesses across Australia, from bustling warehouses and vibrant stores to organised offices and supermarket aisles, with the perfect picking sidekick.

Why choose an MHS Order Picking Trolley?

  • Versatility Unmatched: Whether you’re navigating towering shelves, weaving through narrow aisles, or tackling bulky boxes, MHS has a trolley to match. From nimble hand trucks and sturdy dollies to adaptable panel-cart trolleys, we offer solutions for every picking and stock replenishment challenge.
  • Ergonomics First: Eliminate lifting strains and reduce workplace injuries with our ergonomically designed trolleys. Smoothly manoeuvre loads of all sizes, minimise bending and reaching, and keep your team working comfortably and safely throughout their shift.
  • Boost Productivity: Watch your picking and replenishment times plummet with MHS trolleys. Multi-tiered designs let you pick multiple orders at once, while spacious shelves and compartments keep everything organised and accessible. Say hello to faster order fulfilment and happier customers!
  • Durability Built In: Crafted with robust materials and meticulous attention to detail, MHS trolleys are built to last. Expect years of reliable service, even in the most demanding environments.
  • Australia-Wide Delivery: Order with confidence knowing that MHS delivers nationwide, with your chosen trolley arriving in a matter of days! Based in Perth, we’re committed to getting your business up and running quickly.

Ready to conquer picking and stock replenishment with ease? Explore MHS’s order-picking trolley range online or contact our friendly team for expert advice. We’ll help you find the perfect solution to optimise your workflow and unlock a new level of efficiency.

Remember, at MHS, we’re not just selling trolleys; we’re empowering your business to thrive!

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