Air Powered Chain Hoist


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Conquer Tough Tasks Safely and Efficiently with an Air Powered Chain Hoist:

When working in demanding environments like mining, construction, and offshore operations, safety and efficiency are paramount. That’s where an Air Powered Chain Hoist comes in, offering a powerful and versatile lifting solution designed to excel in challenging conditions.

ATEX Conformance for Explosive Environments: Unlike electric hoists, Air Powered Chain Hoists operate entirely on compressed air, making them intrinsically safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This crucial feature ensures compliance with ATEX regulations, protecting both workers and equipment from hazardous sparks and electrical faults.

Compact and Lightweight Design:

Built for manoeuvrability and ease of use, these hoists boast a compact and lightweight design. This makes them ideal for confined spaces, overhead lifting, and applications where frequent repositioning is required.

Variable Speed Control at Your Fingertips:

Experience precise lifting and high speeds with variable speed control. Simply adjust the pressure applied to the pushbuttons or control rope to achieve the desired speed, tailoring your operation for optimal efficiency and control.

Effortless Installation and Maintenance:

Setting up an Air Powered Chain Hoist is remarkably simple. Just connect the air hose and you’re ready to go. Additionally, their minimal moving parts translate to reduced maintenance needs, saving you time and resources.

Durable Performance and Safety Features: For reliable operation and peace of mind, these hoists come equipped with:

  • Quality load chain capable of withstanding frequent use.
  • Upper and lower limit switches prevent travel and ensure operator safety.
  • Heavy-duty construction for rugged environments.

EHL Air Hoist by ENDO:

Endo’s renowned EHL series of Air Powered Chain Hoists exemplifies these qualities. Featuring rotary vane motors housed in strong, lightweight aluminium bodies, they offer exceptional portability and performance.

Available with:

  • Cord or Pendant controls for flexible operation.
  • Optional lift heights to suit your specific needs.
  • Full compliance with Australian Standards 1418.2 for guaranteed safety and reliability.
  • Available in Capacities: 125kg – 500kg – 1.0T – 2.0T – 3.0T & 6.0T

Applications: Air Powered Chain Hoists find their place in various industries, including:

  • Mining: Lifting equipment, ore, and materials underground.
  • Construction: Raising beams, trusses, and other heavy elements.
  • Engineering: Handling machinery parts and components in workshops.
  • Offshore: Performing maintenance and lifting operations on rigs and platforms.

Invest in Safety and Efficiency:

If you require a lifting solution that prioritises safety, efficiency, and portability in demanding environments, look no further than Air Powered Chain Hoists. Their versatility and compliance with ATEX regulations make them an ideal choice for various industrial and construction applications.

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ENDO EHL Series Air Powered Chain Hoist