Modern material handling means it has never been easier to lift and move high volumes of heavy, bulky, oversized and sensitive goods. For many lifting applications, hoists are invaluable – allowing for the rapid, safe and efficient movement of items. When more complicated or flexible lifting is required, hoists can be implemented.  Essentially, hoists are machines that can lift objects; depending on the type of crane they are coupled to, they can relocate them almost anywhere. Used across the logistics, construction, mining and resources sectors, hoists come in various builds, capabilities and models, including electric, air and vacuum-powered, chain, cable, and rope. When compared to forklifts (or manual, human lifting), hoists come with several advantages. 


  • Easily handle freight far beyond human lifting capacity 
  • Lift items that have too much surface area to fit on traditional forklift tynes or attachments
  • Can be operated in far tighter spaces than a forklift can navigate, including between aisles and other equipment
  • Safely and steadily lift loads without the need for a human operator underneath.
At MHS, we stock a range of hoists and attachments, including jib cranes and gantry cranes. With a range of sizes and lifting capacities, there will be a crane and hoist solution perfect for the specific requirements of your operation. Jib cranes are a specific type of crane that can rotate up to 360 degrees and are supported by a single vertical mast or column. This column is attached to a horizontal beam known as the jib, which supports a moveable hoist that contains the motor and controls. Jib cranes can be fixed to the wall or freestanding to the floor. Gantry cranes, on the other hand, are supported by two or more vertical posts and include a bridge that can move freight horizontally—typically used in industrial applications to lift all kinds of products. At MHS, all our hoisting equipment and cranes are tested to the highest quality control and Australian Standards. For other lifting solutions, we also carry a wide range of vacuum lifts, pipe lifts, conveyors, and more.  Not sure what you need? MHS has over 25 years of experience in providing the highest quality handling solutions to Western Australia. We’ll design and implement a system best suited to your unique business needs, saving you money and ensuring your employees are looked after.

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