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The Compact Kito CX Series Chain Block Hoist

For those seeking a simple, robust, and efficient way to manage heavy loads, the Kito CX series chain block is a perfect option. These are so small you’ll keep one in your toolbox. Offering capacity options of 250kg and 500kg, these dependable hoists are ready to tackle a wide range of tasks, from construction sites to maintenance workshops.

Uncomplicated Operation:

At the heart of the chain block’s appeal lies its user-friendly design. Direct hand chain operations require minimal training, allowing even first-time users to confidently raise and lower objects with precision. This intuitive interface translates to increased productivity and reduced risk of fatigue, especially during extended lifting operations.

Adaptability Meets Power:

While the standard 2.5m chain length provides ample range for most scenarios, the true versatility of the chain block shines in its customizable nature. The option to equip the hoist with custom chain lengths caters to specific project requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for any lifting challenge.

Safety as Standard:

Rest assured, peace of mind comes built-in with every chain block. Each unit boasts integrated overload protection, effectively guarding against exceeding the designated capacity and preventing potential accidents. For added confidence, a test certificate accompanies each hoist, further affirming its adherence to the rigorous standards of AS1418.2.

Beyond Brawn:

The Kito CX chain block’s strengths extend beyond its impressive lifting prowess. Its compact design makes it a valuable asset in confined spaces, where bulky equipment can hinder manoeuvrability. Additionally, its lightweight construction facilitates easy transportation and setup, streamlining workflow and minimising downtime.

The chain block stands as a testament to the power of simplicity. Its intuitive operation, customizable chain lengths, and unwavering commitment to safety make it an ideal choice for a diverse range of lifting applications. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice tackling everyday tasks, the Kito CX series of chain block hoists empowers you to handle heavy loads with confidence, efficiency, and ease. Contact us for pricing & availability.

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