Concrete Funnel

Our Part No: MHSCKUF20001

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Concrete Funnel Streamlines Your Pour

Concrete pours can be messy and pose a challenge, especially when dealing with tight spaces or confined areas. The CKUF20001 Concrete Funnel – the best tool for achieving controlled and efficient concrete pours.

Designed for Confined Spaces:

The funnel excels at delivering concrete into locations like columns, narrow formwork, and wall cavities. Its compact design manoeuvres easily within limited areas, preventing spills and ensuring a clean, professional finish.

Compatibility and Convenience:

The concrete funnel seamlessly integrates with CKM range of concrete kibbles, a popular choice for concrete transportation on site. This eliminates the need to remove the kibble chute, saving valuable time. Installation and removal of the funnel itself is a breeze, further enhancing workflow efficiency.

Controlled Pours, Every Time:

The CKUF20001 features a 1.5-meter lay-flat hose that facilitates a smooth and controlled flow of concrete to the desired delivery point. This allows for precise placement of the material, minimising the risk of overpours and wasted concrete. Longer lengths of lay flat hose can be supplied upon request.

Safety First:

Safety is paramount at any construction site. The CKUF20001 is equipped with lifting handles, enabling safe and effortless positioning and removal of the funnel. This makes fitting and removal easy, reducing the potential for worker strain or injury.

Built to Last:

The CKUF20001 boasts a durable enamel paint finish that protects the unit from wear and tear on the job site. This ensures long-lasting performance and a reliable solution for all your concrete pouring needs.

For a cleaner, faster, and safer concrete pouring experience, consider incorporating the a Concrete Funnel into your next project.

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