Concrete Equipment

Streamline Your Concrete Projects with MHS’s Concrete Equipment MHS offers a comprehensive range of concrete equipment designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility on your construction projects.

Concrete Kibbles & Accessories:

• Variety of Sizes and Configurations: MHS provides concrete kibbles in various sizes and configurations to suit your specific needs. These durable containers efficiently hold and transport concrete throughout your worksite. They are fitted with both lifting lugs for use with cranes & forklift tine pockets as well. • Funnels for Precise Placement: Utilise concrete kibble funnels to guide concrete flow exactly where it’s required, minimising spills and maximising control. Various tube lengths can be supplied. • Concrete Spill Prevention: Spill trays effectively capture any concrete spills, preventing material waste and simplifying equipment washdown. • Protective Plastic Liners: Extend the lifespan of your concrete spill tray with a plastic liner. These liners create a barrier against concrete build-up, facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance. Concrete Washout Solutions: Safe and Efficient: • Washout Bin: MHS offers a heavy-duty concrete washout bin, ideal for handling line cleaning from the boom and concrete pumps. This unit prioritises safety with a dedicated waste intake, pipe, and air vent system, eliminating the risk of blowouts during cleaning. • Kibble Washout Unit: The MHS kibble washout unit provides a safe and convenient solution for cleaning concrete kibbles and other equipment directly on-site. This unit is specifically designed to limit environmental impact by preventing concrete build-up, ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

Prioritising Safety and Sustainability:

MHS recognises that improper material handling, particularly on construction sites, can lead to worker strain and injury. Our equipment range is specifically designed to address this concern, minimising manual strain and promoting a safer work environment. Committed to quality, safety, and sustainability, MHS integrates these principles into all aspects of construction design and supply management. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest advancements in concrete equipment technology, offering a superior product range to meet the demands of your next project. Contact MHS today to discuss your concrete equipment needs and explore how our solutions can enhance your construction workflow.

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