Concrete Washout Bin

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The CPC Concrete Washout Bins: A Safe and Sustainable Solution for Construction Sites

The CPC Concrete Washout Bin is an essential tool for construction sites that use boom and line concrete pumps. This heavy-duty bin provides a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly solution for managing concrete washout and line cleaning.

Optimising Safety and Compliance

The CPC prioritises safety with its robust design. The waste intake pipe and air vent eliminate the risk of blowouts during line cleaning, a common hazard on construction sites. Additionally, the bin ensures compliance with EPA regulations by preventing concrete washouts from contaminating the surrounding environment.

Multiple Features for Enhanced Functionality

The CPC boasts a range of features that improve its usability and functionality. The easily removable exhaust vent allows for effortless sponge recovery, while the lid is secured to the bin using safety chains at four points. This lid is also equipped with crane lugs and fork pockets for convenient installation and removal.

For maximum versatility, the bin itself has crane lugs for lifting and up-ending, along with four-way entry fork pockets. The 125mm NB waste intake pipe, fitted with a CIFA collar, ensures a quick and secure connection to a concrete pump. Disposable plastic liners are included and readily available for reordering, simplifying waste collection and disposal.

Choose the Perfect Capacity for Your Needs

The CPC Washout Bin comes in four different capacities, allowing you to select the ideal size for your project requirements. With its enamel-painted lid and galvanised finish, the bin offers a durable construction that withstands the rigours of construction environments.

Safeguard Your Workers and the Environment

By implementing the CPC Concrete Washout Bin on your construction site, you can prioritise worker safety, ensure environmental compliance, and streamline concrete waste management.

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 Model Bin Volume
Bin Working
Load Limit
Plastic Liner
Part #
 CPC11 0.85 2000 1290 x 1180 x 1350 CPC17DPL 242
 CPC17 1.3 2000 1830 x 1185 x 1285 CPC17DPL 380
 CPC23 2.5 2000 2330 x 1545 x 1320 CPC23DPL 600
 CPC23H 2.4 5000 2330 x 1545 x 1325 CPC23DPL 850

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