Convertible Hand Trolley

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  • The convertible hand trolley is your ultimate solution for both hand-held and platform-style transportation needs. This innovative trolley offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to quickly and easily convert between two modes, depending on your specific task.Lightweight and Agi
    • Durable frame: The trolley boasts a lightweight aluminium frame, making it easy to manoeuvre even when fully loaded. This reduces fatigue and makes it ideal for extended use.
    • Choice of wheels: Choose from pneumatic wheels for smooth rolling over rough terrain or puncture-proof wheels for worry-free operation on any surface.
    • Seamless conversion: Quickly and easily convert from a hand trolley to a platform trolley in seconds, without the need for tools or complex assembly.
    • Two height options: Select the perfect height for your needs with two options available: 1300mm and 1500mm.
    • Impressive capacity: The convertible hand trolley can handle loads of up to 200kg-250kg, making it suitable for transporting a wide range of items.
    Ideal for:
    • Home: Move heavy boxes, groceries, gardening supplies, and more with ease.
    • Office: Transport files, equipment, and supplies efficiently.
    • Warehouse: Organise and move inventory quickly and effortlessly.
    • Retail: Display and transport merchandise with ease.
    • Events: Set up and move equipment for events efficiently.
    Invest in a convertible hand trolley and experience:
    • Unmatched versatility: Quickly adapt to any task with a seamless conversion between hand and platform modes.
    • Lightweight maneuverability: Enjoy effortless handling even with heavy loads.
    • Adaptable to your needs: Choose the perfect height and wheel option for your specific requirements.
    • Durable construction: Experience long-lasting performance with the robust aluminium frame.
    Order your convertible hand trolley today and unlock the ultimate in transportation flexibility!

  • Capacity with puncture proof wheels 200kg.
  • Capacity with pneunmatic wheels 250kg.