Drum Lifter Single – Beak Type

Our Part No: MHSBGN-101

$890.00 Ex GST

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The forklift drum lifter with a beak grabber is a device designed to safely lift and transport steel drums using a forklift. The beak grabber securely attaches to the top lip of the drum, and the drum is lifted and transported using the forklift’s tynes. This type of equipment eliminates the need for the operator to get off the forklift to attach or disconnect the drum, making the process quicker and more efficient. It also helps to reduce the risk of injury to the operator, as they do not need to manually handle the drum.

SWL: 1000kg

Load Centre: 1210mm

Weight: 72kg

Fork Pocket Size: 185 x 60

BGN-101 – Drum Lifter Single