Drum Handling Equipment

Conquer Drum Handling with the Right Equipment: A Buyer’s Guide

Drums are used in countless industries, from chemicals and paints to food, pharmaceuticals and many others. But their hefty weight and awkward shape can pose serious safety challenges. That’s where drum handling equipment comes in, transforming a labour-intensive chore into a smooth and efficient operation.

Drum Lifter

The right equipment starts with drum lifting. There are a few different types to pick from so you can achieve the best results for your situation. Sturdy chain slings, grab hold of the lip of the drum and cradle the drum securely for lifting with cranes or hoists. Likewise, the drum lifting clamp grabs the top lip of the drum for a secure lift. Various capacities of up to 1000kg are available in these lifters.

 Drum lifter forklift attachment

For forklift-based operations, consider a drum lifter forklift attachment. There are a few different types of these to choose from. Beak grabbers grip the top lip of the drum and clamp types grip around the drum. Transform your forklift into a drum-hauling powerhouse. Choose from manual or hydraulic models, with the latter offering effortless lifting and tilting.

Drum lifter

If you need a dedicated drum lifter, options abound. Manual drum lifters and tilters are ideal, allowing you to raise and tilt drums with minimal effort. Sized to Fit: 44 Gallon and 205 Litre Drum Lifters.

Freestanding & Forklift Drum Rotators:

Need to pour or dispense drum contents? Drum rotators come to the rescue. These handy contraptions clamp onto the drum and allow you to lift and tilt it safely and precisely, making controlled dispensing a breeze. For forklift-mounted convenience, forklift drum rotators attach directly to your forks, offering powered rotation for effortless dispensing. Choose from manual or hydraulic models, depending on your needs and budget.

Smooth Rolling: Drum Dollies

For short-distance transport around workshops etc. drum dollies are your best friend. These sturdy platforms, equipped with wheels, make it easy to manoeuvre drums around your workspace without the strain of lifting.

Steady Storage: Drum Stands

Keep your drums organised and secure with drum stands. These elevated platforms hold drums off the ground, protecting them from spills and leaks while making them easily accessible. Opt for single or double drum stands, depending on your space and needs. Some of the stands are fitted with castors so you can move the drum around to various locations.

Spill Containment: Drum Bunds and Drum Spill Bins

Accidents happen, but with drum bunds and drum spill bins, you can minimise the damage. Drum bunds create a secondary containment area around the drum, capturing any leaks or spills before they spread. Drum spill bins collect spilled liquids, preventing environmental contamination and making cleanup easier. Always choose the right type of drum bund for your product. If it’s flammable then a steel bund is required and if it’s corrosive then a plastic bund would be preferable.

Investing in Safety and Efficiency

Drum handling equipment is more than just a convenience; it’s an investment in safety and efficiency. By choosing the right tools for the job, you can protect your workers from injuries, and prevent spills and leaks which look after the environment and boost your overall productivity. Remember, when choosing drum handling equipment, consider the following factors:
  • Drum size and weight: Ensure the equipment is rated for the specific drums you’ll be handling.
  • Frequency of use: Choose equipment that’s durable and reliable for your workload.
  • Budget: A variety of options are available at different price points.
  • Safety features: Look for equipment that prioritises worker safety and spill prevention.
By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the perfect drum-handling equipment to conquer your toughest drum-related challenges. Contact us for more detailed information.

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