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Our Part No: MHSMER5001

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Elevate Efficiency with the Power of Our Heavy-Duty Duct Lifters

Streamline your duct handling processes and conquer challenging lifting tasks with our robust and versatile duct lifters. Engineered to ensure seamless integration into your workflow, this heavy-duty machine boasts features that deliver efficiency and convenience:

Unmatched Load Capacity:

Tackle heavy ducts and air conditioners with unwavering confidence. Our lifter’s impressive 300kg capacity guarantees safe and efficient handling of your most demanding loads.

Reaching New Heights:

Achieve optimal positioning effortlessly. A maximum lift height of 5.0m empowers you to access elevated locations with ease, eliminating the need for cumbersome and time-consuming scaffolding setups.

Unrivalled Accessibility:

Effortlessly manoeuvre through standard doorways. Our lifter’s compact design eliminates size constraints, ensuring seamless integration into your existing infrastructure and workspaces.

Maximise Your Space:

Foldable legs transform the lifter into a compact powerhouse when not in use. This space-saving feature optimises your storage area and facilitates easy transportation on-site.

Built for your Industry:

Specifically engineered for ducting and air conditioning applications, our heavy-duty lifters addresses your exact needs. From installation and maintenance to replacement, experience unrivalled efficiency and safety.

Invest in a Lift Above the Rest:

Choose our heavy-duty duct lifter and watch your productivity soar. With its robust construction, exceptional load capacity, impressive reach, and convenient design, this machine is your gateway to streamlined operations and enhanced site safety.

Contact us today to learn more about how our duct lifter can revolutionise your workflow.

See the data sheets for specifications on both lifters.

MER3501 – Duct Lifter

MER5001 – Duct Lifter