Easy Tilt Trolley 300kg

Our Part No: MHSTSHTSB01


Toe Plate 510mm x 250mm

Handle Height 1330mm

Wheel Diameter 250mm

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Taming the Toughest Loads: With Effortless Easy Tilt Trolley

Moving mountains of materials can be daunting, especially when those mountains weigh 300kg. But fear not, heavy-duty haulers! The revolutionary easy tilt trolley is here to redefine your lifting experience, transforming back-breaking battles into effortless glides.

Lean Back and Load Up:

Forget the struggle of straining against bulky cargo. This innovative trolley boasts an easy lean-back design, leveraging physics to your advantage. Simply tilt the load, engage the ergonomic handle, and voilà! The weight practically floats, allowing you to move mountains with minimal effort.

Smooth Rolling, Anywhere:

Uneven terrain? Not a problem. The trolley comes equipped with pneumatic wheels as standard, absorbing bumps and navigating obstacles with ease. Say goodbye to the jarring jolts and frustrating jams of standard wheels – your cargo (and your back) will thank you.

Conquering Cartons and Beyond:

Whether you’re tackling towering stacks of boxes, hefty bags of mulch, or awkward construction materials, this trolley is your ultimate ally. Its impressive 300kg capacity makes it ideal for a wide range of heavy-duty tasks, ensuring no load is too much to handle.

Upgrade for Ultimate Peace of Mind:

For those seeking extra security, an optional upgraded model with puncture-proof wheels is available. This eliminates the worry of flats, letting you focus on the task at hand with complete confidence.

More Than Just Muscle:

This hand trolley isn’t just about raw strength – it’s also about smart design. The ergonomic handle minimises strain, while the sturdy frame ensures stability and durability. Additionally, its compact design folds away for convenient storage when not in use.

Invest in Effortless Efficiency:

Don’t settle for sore muscles and wasted energy. The hand trolley 300kg is an investment in your well-being and productivity. Whether you’re a professional contractor, a dedicated DIY enthusiast, or simply someone who occasionally grapples with bulky items, this trolley is your ticket to effortless hauling.

So ditch the struggle and embrace the easy tilt trolley 300kg. It’s time to move mountains, pain-free!

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Toe Plate: 510 x 250mm

Handle Height: 1330mm

Wheel Diameter: 250mm

Capacity: 300kg