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No Sweat: Introducing “Tim’s Electric Wheelbarrow”

Moving heavy loads just got a whole lot easier with the innovative Electric Wheelbarrow. This powerful and eco-friendly tool takes the strain out of moving materials across any terrain, leaving you with more energy for the rest of your project.  

Effortless Push Button Power:

Forget struggling with a traditional wheelbarrow. Tim’s Electric Wheelbarrow boasts a powerful 350W electric motor that propels you forward with just the push of a button. Even on inclines or in challenging conditions like soft sand or boggy mud. And here’s the best part: it’s designed to be compatible with your existing power tool battery platform. This means no need to purchase a separate charger or juggle multiple battery systems. Simply pop in a charged battery and get moving!  

Electric Wheelbarrow Performance:

Don’t be fooled by the electric power source. This wheelbarrow is built to conquer any task. Our testing has shown that a 6AH battery can handle up to 2.5km of travel in very soft sand with a full load, proving its capability for even the most demanding jobs. This was based on a 40m run time with a full load for each trip.  

Designed With Simplicity In Mind:

The Motorised Wheelbarrow isn’t just about brute force. It’s designed with convenience and user-friendliness in mind. We start with the proven design of a quality tradesman’s wheelbarrow. The handles run all the way forward to the front wheel. This provides a sturdy chassis for bolting the tub and legs to guarantee long-lasting performance. The small electric motor is mounted under the tub. This provides protection from the elements and getting damaged by material or knocks from stray tools. Next, a simple chain drive connects the motor to the drive sprocket mounted on the wheel. Safety guards protect all the points where fingers might get caught up in the chain. The drive is activated by a thumb push button located on one of the handles. To conserve power you can simply push the wheelbarrow when it’s empty as it has a free wheeling hub. Whether you’re a professional contractor, a dedicated DIYer, or simply someone who wants to make yard work less of a chore, the motorised wheelbarrow is the perfect solution.  


The electric motor needs no maintenance at all. A little lubrication on the chain & tightening it up every now & then is all that’s required. The motor is IP54 rated so it’ll put up with washing down by hose, but please, not with a pressure washer. The location of the motor under the tub means that it remains pretty clean so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Free Bonus:

Now this is the very best part about the electric wheelbarrow. Like any wheelbarrow they don’t last forever, they either wear out from honest work or get damaged and need to be replaced. So here it is, you can simply transfer the entire drive mechanism onto your next wheelbarrow. This isn’t too complicated, but if you need help, we’re here to assist you. Either with helpful information on transferring the components over or if you’re just too busy we can do the transfer for you. We’ve had these motorised wheelbarrows in the market across Australia for 8 years now. In almost any industry you can imagine and they are still going strong. So rest assured this is a long-term investment you won’t regret. So say goodbye to sweat and the hard work of pushing wheelbarrows. Embrace the future and keep your staff happy with Tim’s Electric Wheelbarrow. Contact Us Today to get a free quote & place your order.

Capacity: 100L

Tub Dimensions: 880 x 600 x 265mm

Motor: 350w

Battery: Not included (just let us know your preferred brand of power tool so we can put the right battery plate on the wheelbarrow)

Tim’s Electric Wheelbarrow