Forklift Work Platform (Collapsible)

Our Part No: MHSFWP25C01

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Conquer Heights with Compact Convenience: Introducing the Collapsible Forklift Work Platform

Ditch the clunky scaffolding and shaky ladders. Your quest for safe, efficient access to high-reach tasks ends with the Collapsible Forklift Work Platform, your gateway to conquering warehouse and site heights with unmatched convenience.

  • Effortlessly reach any point in your workspace, tackling maintenance, inspections, and installations with nimble ease. Forget the hours spent constructing and dismantling scaffolding – this flatpack marvel assembles in minutes, putting your team to work instantly.
  • Maximise your storage space. When the job’s done, simply collapse the platform and tuck it away, reclaiming precious storage space with impressive ease.
  • Prioritise safety from the ground up. Sturdy bars frame the platform, creating a secure barrier against falls.
  • Zinc finish? Check. Weatherproof protection you can count on.

Don’t let limited space or cumbersome setup hold you back. Embrace efficiency and safety. Order your Collapsible Work Platform today and experience the transformation:

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WLL                              : 250kg

Load Centre                : 600mm

Weight                         : 122kg

Fork Pocket Size        : 160 x 60mm

Fork Pocket Centres: 640mm

Forklift Work Platform (Collapsible)