Gas Bottle Cage (Med)

Our Part No: MHSSGB12901

$1,401.25 Ex GST

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Secure Forklift & BBQ Gas Bottle Storage

The SGB12901 Gas Bottle Cage is a heavy-duty, lockable solution for safe and secure gas bottle storage. The cage is ideal for a variety of applications, making it a valuable asset for businesses wanting secure storage for these dangerous goods. It can also help to keep you compliant with the storage regulations.

Storage Capacity

With ample storage space, the SGB12901 can accommodate up to 12 standard 9kg BBQ gas bottles. Alternatively, by excluding the bolted centre shelf during assembly, the cage can comfortably hold up to 6 x 18kg forklift gas cylinders, providing a dedicated and secure space for gas bottle storage.

Enhanced Security Features

The SGB12901 prioritises the safety of your gas bottles. It features a tamper-proof lock guard that deters potential theft by preventing bolt cutters from clipping the padlock. Additionally, anti-tamper gate hinges offer another layer of security.

Durable Construction and Easy Use

Manufactured with a focus on strength, the SGB12901 boasts sturdy construction with bump rails that safeguard the high-visibility mesh sides. Sheet metal shelves enable effortless sliding of cylinders towards the back of the cage, promoting organised and efficient storage.

Additional Benefits

The SGB12901 offers several other advantages:

  • Stackable design: Allows for space-saving storage by stacking up to 3 cages when empty and 2 cages when loaded.
  • Weather protection: The sheet metal roof shields the contents from rain and other weather elements.
  • Convenient transportation: Forklift pockets are situated underneath the cage to facilitate easy movement around the worksite.
  • Long-lasting corrosion protection: The zinc finish ensures the cage’s resilience for years to come.
  • Flatpack for simple assembly: The SGB12901 arrives flat-packed for straightforward on-site assembly.

Invest in Secure Gas Bottle Storage Today

The SGB12901 Gas Bottle Cage provides a secure and dependable solution for gas bottle storage. Its versatility, durability, and user-friendly design make it a worthwhile investment for various applications.

Protect your gas bottles and ensure peace of mind by purchasing the SGB12901 Gas Bottle Cage today. Contact us for more information or to place your order.

No. of bottles with middle shelf installed 12 x 9kg
No. of bottles without the middle shelf installed 6 x 18kg
W.L.L. 250kg
Overall Dimensions 1010 x 760 x 1285mm
Weight 106kg

SGB12901 – Gas Bottle Cage