Hand Trolley Truck

Our Part No: MHSTSHT1201


Toe Plate 355mm x 230mm

Wheel Diameter 250mm

Handle Height 1230mm

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Conquering Heavy Lifting with a 180kg Hand Trolley Truck: Built to Last, Made to Move

Moving bulky, heavy objects can be a back-breaking affair. But what if there was a solution that makes light work of even the most demanding loads? Enter the 180kg hand trolley truck, a robust and reliable workhorse designed to take the grunt out of your next moving challenge.

Strengths You Can Count On:

The trolley boasts a sturdy 1.6mm tubular steel construction, providing a solid foundation for its impressive 180kg capacity. No matter what you’re transporting, from garden supplies to building materials, you can be confident this trolley won’t buckle under pressure. The 4mm base plate adds further stability & strength, ensuring your cargo stays put even on uneven terrain.

Built for Smooth Rolling:

Forget wobbly wheels and frustrating jams. The trolley features a solid axle and high-quality rubber wheels with a 250mm diameter. This combination translates to smooth, stable operation, even over bumps and obstacles. Additionally, the 355 x 230mm toe plate offers ample surface area for secure loading and unloading.

Ergonomic Handling:

Manoeuvring this heavy-duty trolley is surprisingly easy thanks to its 1230mm handle height. This design minimises strain on your back and shoulders, allowing you to comfortably push or pull the load without unnecessary bending.

More Than Just Capacity:

While the impressive 180kg capacity is certainly a highlight, this trolley offers additional features that enhance its versatility:

  • Easy assembly: Get started quickly and efficiently with minimal setup hassle.
  • Versatile application: Suitable for transporting a wide range of items, from firewood and furniture to appliances and construction materials.

Invest in Your Back and Your Efficiency:

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a homeowner tackling yard work, or a professional needing a reliable hand trolley truck solution, this 180kg capacity trolley is a worthwhile investment. Its robust construction, smooth operation, and ergonomic design make it a powerful ally in conquering even the most demanding lifting tasks.

So ditch the strain and embrace the ease of a 180kg hand trolley. Your back (and your projects) will thank you!

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Toe Plate: 355 x 230 x 4mm

Wheel Diameter: 250mm

Handle Height: 1230mm

Capacity: 180kg


TSHT1201 – Hand Trolley Truck