Hoist Load Trolley

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  • Hoist load trolleys come in many different styles, capacities and brands.
  • For lighter loads a manual push trolley is quite often sufficient for most applications.
  • The next trolley type is a geared trolley, driven by an endless chain to drive it along it’s track.
  • Then we have the motorised trolleys. These are either electric or air driven and most suitable for heavier loads.
  • The data sheets attached are just some of the brands & types we have available.
  • Contact us for further information on these products.

Kito_Power Hoisting Full Range Pacific-Pipe-Trolley-Product-Sheet_compressed Pacific-Series-1-Girder-Trolley-Product-Sheet-compressed Pacific-Electric-Chain-Hoists-Gen.-4-Product-Sheet (2) Hitachi-Chain-Hoist-Trolley-Product-Sheet