Lifter Trolley

Our Part No: MHSPHT2-14001

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The Lifter Trolley: A One-Person Powerhouse for Efficient Material Handling

Struggling to safely and efficiently lift and move heavy, bulky, or awkward objects? Look no further than the innovative lifter trolley. This versatile tool empowers a single person to tackle challenging lifting tasks with ease.

Effortless Lifting, Enhanced Safety:

The lifter trolley utilises clever balance and leverage principles, allowing a single operator to effortlessly handle objects weighing up to 140kg. This eliminates the risk of injury associated with manual lifting and the need for a second person, promoting a safer work environment.

Cost-Effective and Adaptable:

Compared to a forklift, the lifter trolley is a much more manoeuvrable option. It’s also significantly easier to use and doesn’t require a licence to operate, making it ideal for workshops, warehouses, factories, and various other workplaces where frequent lifting tasks are the norm.

Designed for Streamlined Workflows:

The lifting trolley features a 12V electric motor that takes the strain out of raising and lowering objects. A user-friendly thumb switch provides precise control, while the adjustable lifting arm allows for the perfect positioning of loads for effortless transfer onto utes, trucks, vans, benches, or any designated location.

Prioritising Safety and Worker Wellbeing:

By eliminating the need for manual lifting, the trolley significantly reduces the risk of muscle strains and back injuries. Its lightweight design and effortless manoeuvrability further enhance safety and reduce worker fatigue, promoting a healthier and happier workforce.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs:

The lifting trolley comes equipped with a standard hook for lifting objects. Additionally, a wide range of optional attachments are available to cater to specific needs. These include a forklift attachment, glass sucker, sling, and strap frame, making this lifting trolley a truly adaptable tool.

Key Advantages of the Lifting Trolley:

  • Enables safe one-person lifting of up to 140kg
  • Electric motor for effortless lifting and lowering
  • Adjustable lifting arm for precise positioning
  • Reduces risk of injury and worker fatigue
  • Cost-effective alternative to forklifts
  • Easy to use and requires no special licences
  • Folds flat for convenient storage and transport
  • A wide range of optional attachments is available
The lifting trolley is an essential tool for any workplace that prioritises safety, efficiency, and ergonomics in material handling tasks. Contact us for price & availability.

Lifting Capacity: 140kg

Lift Range: With Hook 300 – 1900mm

Max. Lift Height With Fork 1550mm

Power: 12V DC 25A

Lift Cycle Per Charge: Approximately 50 Cycles

Dimensions: Folded 2000 x 740 x 265mm

Powered Hand Truck (PHT)