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Our Part No: MHSBD201

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Conquer Lifting Challenges with the Versatile BD2 Duct Lifter

Looking for a solution to handle those heavy lifting tasks, especially air conditioners, ducting, roller doors or bulky items? Look no further than the BD2 Lifting Trolley, your one-stop shop for efficient and versatile lifting up to 3.95 meters.

More Than Just a Duct Lifter:

This powerhouse isn’t limited to ducts. With a range of interchangeable attachments – forks, cradle, or hook jib – the BD2 transforms into a multi-purpose champion:

  • Lift air conditioners and roller doors with ease.
  • Tackle virtually any object with the adaptable hook jib.
  • Navigate tight spaces confidently, thanks to its 795mm width.

Made for Efficiency and Convenience:

  • Reach impressive heights: Elevate loads up to 3.95 meters, perfect for accessing high shelves or second-story installations.
  • Effortless operation: Maneuver smoothly through doorways and hallways while carrying your load.
  • Minimal maintenance: Enjoy peace of mind with a robust design and a 12-month warranty.
  • Quick to disassemble: For easy transport to site.
  • Fits through most standard doorways:

Ideal for:

  • HVAC contractors: Elevate air conditioners and ducting with ease.
  • Construction workers: Lift building materials and tools efficiently.
  • Event organizers: Install heavy equipment and stage elements effortlessly.
  • Homeowners: Tackle DIY projects around the house, from lifting furniture to installing appliances.

Invest in Versatility and Power:

The BD2 Lifting Trolley is more than just a lifter; it’s a valuable investment that streamlines your work and saves you time and effort. With its adaptability, portability, and impressive lifting capabilities, it’s the perfect solution for various domestic and commercial applications.

Don’t wait! Contact us today to learn more about the BD2 Lifting Trolley and unlock a world of efficient lifting solutions.

Capacity 180kg
Lift Height 3740mm (or 3.95m with pipe cradle)
Basic Height 1700mm
Operating Dimensions With Hook Jib: 970x1090x3470mm

With Forks: 970x1090x3740mm

With Pipe Cradle: 970x1090x3950mm

Dimensions When Stored 800x550x1170mm
Wheel Size – Rear 250mm
Wheel Size – Front 100mm
Weight – Lifter 64.3kg
Weight – Hook Jib 5.2kg
Weight – Forks 7.7kg
Weight – Pipe Cradle 9.3kg

BD201 – Lifting Trolley