Magnet Lifter 100kg

Our Part No: MHSPML-101

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A Magnet Lifter can be used in various industries for lifting steel products ranging from sheets & beams to almost any metal product. The magnet is activated by placing the magnet on the item to be lifted, and then rotating the lever until the lock is engaged. Providing there is enough surface area to cover the magnet and the steel is thick enough, the magnet lifter will hold securely in place throughout the lift. The magnet is released by simply pressing the disengage button and letting the handle rotate back to its home position.


  1. The magnet lifter uses a breakaway 3.5 times greater than its W.L.L.
  2. No electricity is required to power the magnet.
  3. The simple safety button & lever allow the magnet to be operated single-handed.
  4. A plate with a high carbon content is not recommended with a magnet lifter. High carbon content metals can reduce absorbability to less than 50% of the rated capacity.
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Lifting Capacity Flat Steel 100kg
Lifting Capacity Curved Steel 30kg
Dimensions 92 x 62 x 67mm
Handle Length 126mm
Weight 3kg

Magnet Lifter 100kg