Wood Pallet Cage

Our Part No: MHSPCT-0201

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The wood pallet cage is used for transporting and storing goods on a standard wooden pallet with the addition of a mesh cage to contain the goods being transported. This particular wood pallet cage has a 2000kg load capacity and is designed with a front 1/2 height drop down gate or it can swing fully open, making it easy to load and unload goods. The cage can also be fitted with an optional sheet metal floor, providing additional stability and support for the items being transported. The dimensions of the cage are 1165 x 1205 x 1030 (h), making it suitable for a range of different goods and applications. The use of a pallet cage can help to improve efficiency and safety during the transportation and storage of goods, and make it easier to handle items. Contact Us Now for the best deal.

WLL: 2000kg

Dimensions: 1165 x 1165 x 1030(h)

PCT-0201 – Wood Pallet Cage