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Eliminate Warehouse Injuries with the Easi Picker Pallet Roller System

The Easi Picker Pallet Roller is a revolutionary storage and retrieval system designed to transform your warehouse’s safety and efficiency.

This innovative unit installs seamlessly into your existing racking structure, creating a safer and more ergonomic way for staff to access palletised goods. Forget the risks associated with overreaching and climbing in amongst the pallet racking! The Easi Picker extends outward, allowing effortless retrieval of products without entering the racking.

Reduced Risk of Injuries:

The Easi Picker minimises the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by eliminating the need for staff to climb or overreach within the racking. This promotes a safer and healthier work environment.

Increased Efficiency:

Effortless product access translates to faster picking and restocking times, boosting overall warehouse productivity.

The Easi Picker comes in three standard configurations – Flat Top, Flat Rotating Top, and Flat Rotating Spring Elevated Top – to perfectly suit your specific needs. Rotating tops offer 360° access once fully extended.

Customisable Solutions:

Beyond standard pallets, the Easi Picker can be customised with a range of options. Integrate tote/carton separators, equipment/product holders, roller supports, and even adapt it for use with straddle lifters.

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Invest in a safer, more efficient warehouse. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore the full range of Easi Picker options, including Rubber Table Top Mats and Safety Skirts.

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