Pipe Rack

Our Part No: MHSAPR12T4M01

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Conquer Pipe Storage with a Pipe Rack

Keeping long materials like pipes, conduits, tubing, and bar stock organised on-site can be a challenge. The APR12T4M01 Pipe Rack is your answer to efficient and safe storage.

The heavy-duty pipe rack boasts a 12-tonne capacity (evenly distributed), making it ideal for storing even the heaviest pipes. Its robust construction ensures maximum stability, preventing tipping or damage to your valuable materials.

Boost Productivity and Worker Safety

The APR12T4M01 Rack goes beyond just storing pipes. It’s designed to increase worker productivity by keeping materials organised and readily accessible. Featuring 5 clear access spaces, you can easily sort and retrieve pipes, eliminating wasted time searching through cluttered storage areas.

Safety is paramount, and the APR12T4M01 Rack prioritises it with integrated arm stops. These prevent pipes from accidentally rolling off the rack, minimising the risk of injury and equipment damage.

Tailored Solutions and Easy Assembly

Do you have specific storage needs? The APR12T4M01 Rack is just one example of our commitment to providing solutions. We offer various sizes and capacities, so you can find the perfect fit for your workspace. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

For added convenience, the pipe rack is supplied standard as a flatpack for easy on-site assembly.

Don’t let disorganised pipes hinder your project. Take control of your storage with the APR12T4M01 Pipe Rack. Contact us today to discuss your needs and request a quote!

W.L.L. 12.0T (evenly distributed)
Dimensions 3995 x 2320 x 1575mm
Weight 695kg