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Our Part No: MHSBD40001

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The Compact Solution for Your Lifting Needs

The BD40001 is an electric platform lifter designed for tackling tough overhead and vertical lifting jobs. No matter what profession you are in, if you need to lift items this compact platform lifter offers a safe and efficient way to manoeuvre materials and equipment.

Compact Design:

  • Folds for Easy Storage and Transport: Unlike bulkier lifters, the BD40001 folds into a remarkably compact size. This makes it ideal for situations where space is limited, allowing for convenient storage and transportation between jobs.

Vertical Glazing Made Easy:

  • Counter-Balancing Legs: A key feature of the BD40001 is its counter-balancing legs. This eliminates the need for front-facing legs for stabilisation, making it perfect for vertical and overhead glazing work. No more obstacles getting in the way of a smooth installation.

Power Options for Every Situation:

  • Electric Motor: The BD40001 comes equipped with a reliable electric motor, ensuring smooth and efficient lifting operations. However, once in a while your going to forget to charge the battery. That’s no problem, you can simply use a cordless drill to drive the mechanism. This provides a handy backup power source for those awkward moments..

Built-in Safety Features:

  • Multiple Safety Measures: The BD40001 prioritises safety with a range of features, including a limiter switch to prevent overloading, an emergency stop button for immediate shutdown, and height-adjustable legs for stability on uneven surfaces.

The BD40001 platform lifter is a versatile tool for anyone who needs to tackle lifting jobs in tight spaces or overhead. Its compact size, counter-balancing functionality, and dual power options make it a valuable asset for professional trades people. With its focus on safety and user-friendly design, the BD40001 empowers you to get the job done efficiently and confidently. Contact Us for more details on this machine.


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