Platform Skate

Our Part No: MHSLSR01101

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This platform skate is a type of material handling equipment designed to move heavy items over short distances. It’s equipped with four nylon swivel castors, which allow the item to be moved to turn and change direction easily. The platform skate has a capacity of 1.0T. This makes it suitable for a wide range of heavy items, including machinery, equipment, and other large items that need to be moved. The plate dimensions of the platform are 425mm x 320mm, which provides a stable and sturdy platform for the item to be moved. The swivel casters allow for easy manoeuvrability and make it possible to move the item in any direction, making it a versatile solution for many material handling tasks. Overall, this skate is a practical and cost-effective way to move heavy items over short distances, providing a safe and efficient solution for many material handling needs.

  • Plate size 425 x 320
  • Overall size 495 x 340 x 120
  • SWL 1000kg


LSR01101 – Platform Skate