Powered Trolley

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Power Through Efficiency: Unleashing the Advantages of Powered Trolleys

In the dynamic world of material handling, where efficiency and reliability reign supreme, powered trolleys make their mark. These robust machines, meticulously crafted to conquer tough environments, offer a plethora of benefits that can significantly supercharge your workflow.

Built to Endure:

Our powered trolleys boast a rugged construction, specifically engineered to withstand the relentless demands of daily use. Picture equipment that shrugs off wear and tear with stoic resilience, ensuring ** unwavering reliability across diverse applications**.

Ergonomics in Action:

Operator comfort shouldn’t be left by the roadside. Our powered trolleys prioritise human-centric design, featuring a comfortable hand-twist grip that allows for effortless manoeuvring even during extended journeys. This ergonomic masterpiece combats fatigue and propels productivity to new heights, especially during marathon shifts.

Agility Meets Versatility:

Adaptability is the lifeblood of efficient operations. These powered trolleys come in two distinct platform sizes: 1280 x 630mm and 1280 x 920mm. This choice spectrum guarantees you can select the perfect match for your specific needs and the materials you regularly handle, maximising efficiency with laser-like precision.

Unleashing Power and Unlocking Reliability:

Beneath the sturdy hood lies a potent heart: two 12V 33Ah rechargeable batteries. This dynamic duo not only delivers sufficient juice for even the heaviest loads but also guarantees sustained performance. Recharge effortlessly, banishing downtime and minimising maintenance costs for a truly unstoppable operation.

Conquering Loads and Boosting Efficiency:

With a burly carrying capacity of 400kg, these powered trolleys fear no burden. From nimble components to bulky giants, they readily shoulder diverse weights, translating to fewer trips, less physical exertion, and a dramatic surge in overall efficiency.

Invest in Your Success:

A powered trolley is not merely a tool; it’s a strategic investment in your success. Imagine enhanced workflows, minimised fatigue, and a workforce empowered by effortless material handling. That’s the transformative power these machines offer. So, whether your domain is warehouses, manufacturing plants, or any industry where materials dance, ditch the old guard and embrace the powered trolley revolution. Contact us today and watch your productivity soar to new heights.

Platform Sizes: 1280 x 630 or 1280 x 920

Battery: 2 x 12V, 33Ah

Capacity: 400kg