Stillage Cage

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Indispensable Stillage Cage: Optimising Storage and Logistics

In the dynamic supply chain landscape, optimising storage and transport necessitates robust, adaptable solutions. The Stillage Cage, a versatile workhorse designed to tackle a multitude of logistical challenges.

Stacking Efficiency:

Stillage Cages excels in maximising vertical space. Their impressive stacking capabilities – four high when empty and two high when loaded – allow efficient utilisation of warehouse areas, minimising footprint and maximising storage capacity.

Seamless Integration:

Compatibility is key. Pallet-sized dimensions and compatibility with existing pallet racking systems ensure seamless integration into any existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly adjustments or modifications.

Unhindered Access:

Access shouldn’t be a hurdle. The fold-down front gate on stacked cages facilitates convenient retrieval of stored items, while the hinged rear gate provides an additional entry point for loading and unloading. This ergonomic design minimises unnecessary exertion and optimises operational efficiency.

Unwavering Strength:

Robustness is paramount. These cages are built to handle up to 1.0 tonne of cargo, making them suitable for a wide range of inventory, from small parts to heavy machinery. This ensures the safe and secure storage of valuable assets.

Adaptable Solutions:

Flexibility is often overlooked. Easy disassembly allows for compact storage or transportation when not in use, maximising resource utilisation. Additionally, the optional solid steel floor further expands functionality, catering to applications requiring enhanced sturdiness.

Beyond mere storage containers. A Stillage Cage represents a strategic investment in optimising warehouse operations. Their unparalleled stacking capabilities, pallet-sized compatibility, convenient access features, robust construction, and adaptable design make them indispensable tools for modern supply chains. By embracing the versatility of Stillage Cages, businesses can unlock significant gains in storage efficiency, operational ease, and cost-effectiveness.

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  • Dimensions: 1196 x 1160 x 1065(h)
  • Capacity: 1.0T
  • Weight: 68kg

PCM-02 – Stillage Cage