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Our Part No: MHSPCMH-0401

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Conquer Clutter, Maximise Might: The Mighty Little Storage Cage

Tired of warehouse chaos? Yearning for space-saving miracles and logistical feats? Enter the 1/2 Height Storage Cage: your new storage superhero, ready to conquer clutter and maximise might.

Strength with Stacks:

  • Vertical Victory: These cages stack four high when empty, maximising your storage footprint like a Tetris master. Even fully loaded, they stack neatly two high, keeping your floor space efficient. No more sprawling messes, just organised might.
  • Pallet Racking Prowess: Forget clunky floor-hugging solutions. These cages integrate seamlessly with your existing pallet racking system, saving space and streamlining operations. Efficiency? Check. Organisation? Double check.

Accessibility Ace:

  • Gateway to Grandeur: The removable front gate grants easy access when cages are stacked, and no wrestling or contortions are required. Need that widget at the bottom? Simply remove the gate and grab it with ease. Convenience, meet your new champion.
  • Hinged for Heroics: The rear gate hinges to one side, offering another access point and making loading and unloading a breeze. No more backaches from awkward bending or fumbling with locks – just smooth, efficient operation.

Built for Battle:

  • With a 1.0-ton capacity, these cages handle even the heaviest of loads. From tools and parts to furniture and supplies, they take on any load with unwavering strength.
  • Pallet-Sized Powerhouse: At the size of a standard pallet, these cages fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, with no need for adjustments or special accommodations. Just slip them in and watch your warehouse transform.

Compact and Clever:

  • Disassembly Dynamo: Need to clear space or streamline transport? These cages disassemble in a flash, turning into space-saving marvels ready for storage or travel. No tools, no fuss, just instant transformation.
  • Optional Steel Savior: Add an optional solid steel floor for even greater protection and support. Heavy-duty heroes need heavy-duty floors, after all.

The Little Storage Cage isn’t just a storage solution; it’s a revolution in space optimization, logistical efficiency, and organisational bliss. Conquer clutter, maximise your warehouse might, and embrace the power of this metal marvel. Get ready to transform your chaos into blissful neatness, one mighty little cage at a time!

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Capacity 1.0T

Dimensios 1196 x 1160 x 614(h)

Weight: 53kg

PCMH-0401 Storage Cage