Walk Behind Pallet Stacker

Our Part No: MHSPS13RM-4501

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The Compact Efficiency of the Walk Behind Pallet Stacker

Elevate your warehouse operations to new heights with the Walk Behind Pallet Stacker. The versatile workhorse is packed with features designed to maximise efficiency and productivity, all while offering exceptional operator comfort and safety.

Unleash Speed and Power:

  • German-engineered motor: Experience the difference a high-performance German motor makes. This beast boasts an upgraded ride-on mode speed of 8km/h, even with a full load, ensuring swift and efficient pallet handling.

  • High-efficiency AC drive system: Combined with the electric steering unit, this system optimises the stacker’s performance and power delivery, making every move smooth and precise.

Manoeuvre with Ease:

  • Compact design: Navigate narrow aisles and tight spaces with confidence thanks to the stacker’s compact structure and excellent forward function.

  • Straddle leg design: The direct entry 800x1220mm pallet compatibility, with an upgraded 880mm inner width, allows for effortless loading and unloading, even in confined areas.

Built for Comfort and Control:

  • Platforms and safeguards: Work safely and comfortably throughout your shift with an integrated platform and safeguard protection.
  • Ergonomic control handle: Equipped with a horn button and belly button, the handle provides intuitive control and easy access to crucial functions.
  • Side shift function: Transport pallets horizontally with ease and precision thanks to the convenient side shift feature.

Additional Features:

  • 4500mm triple-stage mast for exceptional lifting height
  • 24V/200Ah Lithium Battery and 24V/80Ah Charger for extended operation and fast charging
  • Optional foldable pedals for long-distance warehouse transport
  • Emergency power disconnect for enhanced safety
  • Electromagnetic service brakes for reliable stopping power