Walkie Stacker

Conquer Your Warehouse Woes with the Mighty Walkie Stacker!

Say goodbye to pallet-stacking struggles and hello to effortless efficiency with the powerful Walkie Stacker. These electric marvels are like superheroes for your warehouse, lifting heavy loads with ease and leaving you more time to focus on what truly matters.

Here’s why the Walkie Stacker deserves a starring role in your operations:

  • Effortless Lifting: Ditch the backaches and let the Waklie’s electric motor do the heavy lifting. Effortlessly handle up to 1500kg of cargo, whether it’s pallets, boxes, or your prized collection of oversized rubber ducks (hey, no judgement).
  • Speed Demon: Time is money, and the Waklie Stacker understands. Zoom through your warehouse, loading and unloading vehicles or conquering pallet racks at lightning speed. Say goodbye to sluggish productivity and hello to a streamlined workflow.
  • Safety First: The Waklie Stacker takes safety seriously. Counterbalanced loads and dual parking brakes ensure your precious cargo (and colleagues) stay safe and sound, even under the heaviest burdens.
  • Built to Last: They are constructed to rigorous standards, guaranteeing they can handle the toughest warehouse challenges. You can depend on a Walkie Stacker for years of reliable service, like a trusty workhorse who never complains about overtime.
  • Battery Powered, Boss Approved: Ditch the messy fumes and embrace the future! The Walkie Stacker’s powerful battery keeps it humming all day long, with an automatic charger ensuring it’s always ready for action. Your wallet and the environment will thank you.

But the Walkie Stacker isn’t just a one-trick pony. MHS offers a comprehensive range of equipment, including electric and manual lifters, to tackle any warehouse challenge. Streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and keep your team smiling with the perfect lifting solution for every task.

Ready to unleash the Walkie Stacker power in your warehouse? Contact MHS today and let’s revolutionise your pallet-stacking game!

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