Walkie Forklift

Our Part No: MHSPS16TSL-4001

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Conquer Your Warehouse with Confidence: Introducing the Masterful Walkie Forklift

Imagine a world where effortless lifting, precision control, and ultimate safety come together in one powerful machine. Say hello to the Walkie Forklift, your gateway to a transformed warehouse experience. This compact powerhouse packs a punch, tackling even the toughest tasks with unmatched efficiency and ease.

Here’s how the Walkie Forklift redefines light-duty operations:

Safety & Comfort are Priority:

  • Long tiller design: Operates from a safe distance while maintaining optimal control.
  • Ergonomic handle with horn and belly E-Stop button: Prioritises operator comfort and fast emergency response.
  • Plexiglass operator protection: Keeps you shielded from potential hazards.
  • Adjustable base legs: Ensures stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Emergency power disconnect: Offers instant control in unexpected situations.

Precision Forklift Meets Power Forklift:

  • Fully-proportional hydraulic system: Fine-tune lifting and lowering speeds for any load and lifting height.
  • Powerful, maintenance-free German AC power train: Delivers durable, smooth performance with minimal upkeep.
  • 3-wheel structure: Enhances both stability and manoeuvrability, even in narrow aisles.
  • Side shift function: Simplifies horizontal transport and pallet positioning.
  • Crawl speed button: Navigate delicate corners and tight spaces with confidence.

Built to Last, Equipped for Efficiency:

  • 24V/270Ah industrial lithium battery and onboard charger: Powers through long shifts and recharges quickly.
  • Italian ZAPI controller and battery discharge indicator: Ensures optimal performance and battery health monitoring.
  • Core components from top quality brands: Invest in reliable craftsmanship for years of dependable service.
  • Adjustable base legs: Accommodate different heights and floor conditions.
  • Load backrest: Secures and stabilises pallets during transport.

Security & Control at Your Fingertips:

  • Key switch: Restrict access to authorised personnel and maintain operational security.
  • Dual butterfly-style thumb controls: Simplify manoeuvring and operation for intuitive handling.
  • Hour meter: Track usage and schedule maintenance proactively.

The Walkie Forklift isn’t just a machine, it’s an investment in your warehouse’s efficiency, safety, and productivity.

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Maximum Lift Height: 4.0m

Capacity: 1600kg

Adjustable Base Legs (ID): 965-1270mm

Adjustable Base Legs (OD): 1170-1470mm