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Our Part No: MHSSL101

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Say Goodbye to Glass Handling Hassles: Introducing the Ultimate Glass Trolley

Are you a glazier, carpenter, or DIY enthusiast tired of the struggle and risk of manually handling large, heavy glass panels? The Glass Trolley is here to transform your experience! This innovative lifter tackles all your glass handling needs with safety, efficiency, and flexibility at its core.

Lift, Rotate, Tilt, Manoeuvre – Effortlessly:

  • Reach new heights: Elevate glass sheets up to 1.5 meters with confidence, perfect for loading vehicles, accessing high racks, or working on installations.
  • Handle oversized panels: Rotate sheets up to 2.4m x 2.4m with ease, eliminating awkward and potentially dangerous maneuvers.
  • Fit through narrow spaces: Rotate panels sideways, allowing the trolley to squeeze through 750mm doorways, ideal for accessing tight job sites or workshops.
  • Seamless positioning: Tilt panels from vertical to horizontal with ease, making loading and unloading onto racks or workbenches a breeze.
  • Enhanced safety: Protect your fingers from accidental pinches with the winch cable safely hidden inside the mast.
  • Smooth travel over any terrain: Conquer uneven surfaces and obstacles with the large, 407mm diameter wheels.
  • Impressive capacity: Handle glass panels weighing up to 65kg without breaking a sweat.
  • Lightweight design: At only 91kg, the trolley is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre and transport.

More Than Just Glass:

  • Versatile applications: Use the trolley for lifting and manoeuvring other large, flat materials like plywood, sheet metal, or acrylic panels.
  • Time-saving and labour-saving: Increase your productivity and reduce strain on your back with this efficient lifting solution.
  • Peace of mind: Invest in your safety and well-being with a robust and reliable tool designed for the job.

Ideal for:

  • Glaziers: Install windows, partitions, and shower screens with ease and efficiency.
  • Carpenters: Safely handle large panels for furniture creation, cabinetry, and other projects.
  • DIY enthusiasts: Tackle large-scale home improvement projects without risking personal injury.
  • Event organizers: Set up and dismantle stages, displays, and signage effortlessly.

Invest in Efficiency and Safety:

The Glass Trolley is the ultimate solution for anyone who works with large, heavy glass or similar materials. It offers unmatched flexibility, safety, and ease of use, making your projects smoother, faster, and more enjoyable. Order your Glass Trolley today and experience the difference!

Dimensions: 1170 x 750 x 1670

Capacity: 80kg

Max Lift Height: 1500mm

Weight: 91kg

SL101 – Glass Trolley