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The MHSCGP11601 Pallet Cage:

For businesses seeking an efficient and budget-friendly way to handle loose goods during storage and transport, the Pallet Cage is a powerful contender. This lightweight yet robust cage excels in providing convenient access, versatile stacking, and compatibility with both crane and forklift operations, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries.

Unhindered Access and Maneuverability:

The cage prioritises ease of use. Its fully opening front gate allows for swift loading and unloading, whether utilising cranes or forklifts. This feature streamlines operational efficiency and minimises downtime. Stacking feet enable secure vertical storage up to three units high when empty and two units high when loaded, maximising warehouse space utilisation.

Seamless Integration:

Versatility is key. The pallet-sized dimensions of the cage ensure seamless integration with existing pallet racking systems, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure investments. Additionally, the cage comes equipped with both four-point lift crane lugs and forklift pockets, allowing for diverse handling options and flexibility in transportation methods.

Durability of the Pallet Cage:

Built to last, the cage boasts rugged construction and a standard sheet metal floor for reliable protection of stored goods. The zinc finish provides an additional layer of durability and resistance to corrosion, making the cage suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cost-Effectiveness and Convenience:

Keeping budget constraints in mind, the pallet cage is offered as a flatpack for on-site assembly, allowing for cost-effective purchase and flexible delivery logistics. Alternatively, fully assembled options are available upon request, catering to immediate operational needs.

The MHSCGP11601 Crane Pallet Cage is a compelling solution for businesses seeking a balance between affordability, functionality, and versatility. Its user-friendly design, stacking capabilities, compatibility with various handling methods, and durable construction make it a valuable asset for efficient storage and transport operations. By choosing this cage, businesses can optimise workflow, maximise space utilisation, and safeguard their valuable goods, all at a competitive price point.

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WLL: 1,000kg

Dimensions – Internal: 1060 x 1060 x 900

Dimensions – External: 1250 x 1250 x 1100

Weight: 110kg

Fork Pocket Size: 245 x 80

Fork Pocket Centres: 452mm

CGP116 – Pallet Cage