Goods Cage

Conquer Warehouse Chaos with the Versatile Goods Cage:

Maximize Efficiency and Safety

Drowning in a sea of inventory? Struggling with inefficient storage and risky manual transport. The Goods Cage: your one-stop solution for safely storing and transporting both loose and palletized goods. This heavy-duty workhorse is designed to revolutionise your warehouse operations, boost productivity and protect your valuable assets.

Imagine this:

  • Effortlessly manoeuvre heavy loads by crane or forklift, thanks to its sturdy construction and integrated crane lifting points or forklift pockets. No more precarious pallet stacks.
  • Accommodate both loose and palletized goods with ease. The wide-opening front gate allows for swift loading and unloading, while the spacious interior comfortably holds all your inventory needs.
  • Maximise your storage space by stacking up to three empty cages or two loaded ones. Say goodbye to wasted floor space and hello to a streamlined, organised warehouse.

The Cage that’s built with your needs in mind:

The Goods Cage boasts an array of features that ensure superior performance and safety:

  • Robust 1.0T and 2.0T capacity models cater to a variety of weight requirements.
  • Fits a standard 1200mm square pallet for seamless integration with existing warehouse infrastructure.
  • A durable zinc finish protects against corrosion and wear, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Optional Lifting Frame grants single-point lifting capability for situations with limited headroom.

More than just a cage, the Goods Cage is an investment in your workplace’s efficiency and safety. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual handling, cluttered floors, and potential accidents. Embrace a streamlined workflow, maximised storage, and peace of mind.

Order your Goods Cage today and experience the transformation:

  • Boosted productivity with faster loading, unloading, and transport.
  • Enhanced safety for your team with secure storage and handling.
  • Reduced damage to your goods thanks to a stable and protective environment.
  • Optimised space utilisation through stacking capabilities.

Don’t settle for second-rate storage solutions. Invest in the Goods Cage and watch your warehouse operations soar to new heights of efficiency and safety.

Contact us now for a quote to unlock the full potential of your workplace!

P.S. Don’t forget to inquire about our customization options! We can tailor the Goods Cage to your specific needs, with additional features like shelving, dividers, and locking mechanisms.

Make your warehouse work for you – choose the Goods Cage!

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