Stillage Cage Cover

Our Part No: MHSPCT-02CC01

Nylon stillage cage cover, designed to protect goods from dust & weather.

Fitted with two zips to allow quick access to the cage when required.

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Shield Your Stillage: Why Covers Are Your Warehouse Warriors

Say goodbye to dusty, dingy stillage cages and hello to a cleaner, more organised warehouse using a stillage cage cover. These nylon shields are the ultimate protectors for your precious cargo, keeping them safe from the elements and maximising their lifespan.

Picture this: a durable, lightweight nylon cover draped over your MHSPCM-0201 or MHSPCT-0201 cage, like a superhero’s cape guarding its treasures. Imagine no more dust bunnies dancing on your inventory, no more rain wreaking havoc, and no more frantic scrambles for misplaced parts. That’s the magic of a stillage cage cover.

But their powers go beyond mere shielding. These covers boast convenient double zippers along the front, making access a breeze. Need to grab a widget fast? Unzip, grab, and go! No more wrestling with cumbersome tarps or battling tangled straps. Efficiency, meet your new best friend.

Here’s why stillage cage covers are the warehouse heroes you need:

  • Durability Defined: Crafted from high-quality nylon, these covers stand strong against dust, dirt, moisture, and even the occasional rogue forklift bump. They’re built to last, keeping your goods safe and sound.
  • Weather Warriors: Rain or shine, these covers have your back (and your stillage’s back). They shield your inventory from the elements, preventing rust, water damage, and sun bleaching. Keep your goods looking and performing their best, no matter the forecast.
  • Organisation Champions: Tired of clutter masquerading as inventory? Covers streamline your warehouse like nobody’s business. Stack covered cages neatly and safely, maximising space and creating a haven of order. Your OCD will thank you.
  • Access Aces: Those double zippers aren’t just for show. They grant you instant access to your goods, no wrestling with tarps or battling bungee cords is required. Need a wrench? Unzip, grab, and get back to work – it’s that simple.
  • Cost-Effective Crusaders: Think of stillage cage covers as an investment in your bottom line. They protect your inventory, extending its lifespan and reducing replacements. Plus, their reusability and ease of use save you time and labour costs.

So ditch the dustpan and embrace the power of stillage cage covers. They’re the warehouse heroes you never knew you needed, ready to transform your storage from chaotic to champion. Invest in covers today and watch your efficiency soar, your inventory shine and your warehouse become a haven of organisational bliss.

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Dimensions: 1240 x 1240 x 870mm

Weight: 0.6kg

Designed to fit the following Stillages



(it may fit others as well)


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